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Introduction to infrastructure reform and regulation

World Bank Institute.

Pie de Imprenta:
USA. The World Bank. 2005.

INFRAESTRUCTURA. CONCESIONES. ELECTRICIDAD. SECTOR ENERGIA. AGUA POTABLE. ACUEDUCTO. TELECOMUNICACIONES. Alexander, Ian. Estache, Antonio. Oliveri, Adele. Pinglo, María Elena. Calderón, César. Guasch, Luis.


EL DISCO CONTIENE: 1.A few things transport regulations should know about risk and the cost of capital. Ian Alexander; Antonio Estache. 1999. 17 págs. 2. Regulatory structure and risk and infrastructure firms. An International comparison. 1996. 72 págs. 4. Infrastructure bottlenecks, private provision and industrial productivity. A study of Indonesian and Thai cities. Alex Anas; Kyu Sik Lee; Michael Murray. 1996. 36 págs. 7. Infrastructure services in develping countries; access, quality, cost and policy reform. Cecilia Briceño; Antonio Estache; Nemat Shafik. 2004. 33 págs. 8. Financing the transition to cost covering water tariffs in Guinea. 7 págs. 10. Trends in infrastructure in Latin America 1820-2001. Cesar Calderón; Luis Servén. 51 págs. 13. Are returns to private infrastructure in developing countries consistent with risk since the Asian crisis. Antonio Estache; María Elena Pinglo. 2004. 24 págs. 16. Investing in infrastructure. What is needed from 2000 to 2010. Marianne Fay; Tito Yepes. 2003. 26 págs. 19. Just in case inventories. A cross country analysis. Luis Guasch; Joseph Kogan. 2003. 20. Granting and renegotiating infrastructure concessions. Doing it right. Luis Guasch. 2004. 211 págs. 21. Electricity demand in Asia and the effects on energy supply and the investment environment. Masayasu Ishiguro. 1995. 76 págs. 24. Better water and sanitation for the urban poor. Good practice from sub Saharan Africa. 2003. 102 págs. 27. Introducing telecommunications competition through a wireless license. Lessons from Morocco. 1999. 4 págs.

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