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An introduction to financial and economic modeling for utility regulators

Estache, Antonio. Rodríguez, Martin. Rodríguez, José María. Sember, German.

Pie de Imprenta:
Florida. Los autores. 2003.



CONTIENE: 2001 Electricity distribution price review. 2006 Overview Information and communications for development. A guide for Hiring and managing advisors for private participation in infraestructure. Kahn, Alfred. A study into certain aspects of the cost of capital for regulated utilities in the U.K. Wright, Stephen. Administrative procedures as instruments of political control. McCubbins, Matthew. Agency rulemaking, political influences, regulation and industry compliance. Olson Mary. An appraisal of the performance of privatized enterprises in developing countries. Cook Paul. An introduction to financial and economic modeling for utility regulators. Estache, Antonio. Antitrust enforcemente in regulated sectors working group. Antitrust policy a century of economic and legal thinking. Kovacic William. Apples and oranges problems in the analysis of comparative regulatory governance. Minogue Martin. Auction theory a guide to the literature. Klemperer Paul. Back to the future the potential in infrastructure privatization. Klein Michael. Basics of rate desing pricing principles and self selecting two part tariffs. Berg Sanford. Beyond critical loss tailoring applications of the hypothetical monopolit paradig. Werden Gregory.

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