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E-DOCUMENTS-02 : 001 Infrastructure regulation and market reform, Australian competition and consumer commission. 243 p. 002. Access issues under EU Regulation and antitrust law, the case of telecommunications and Internet market. Herbert Ungerer. 41 p. 003 Benchmarking and regulation of eectricity transmission and distribution utilities. Tooraj Jamasb. 35 p. 004 The case of water provision in the city of Buenos Aires Argentina. Alejandro Rossi. 8 p. 005 Competition and globalization Brazilian Telecommunications policy at crossroads. Clera Piragibe. 18 p. 007 The end of history for corporate law. Henry Hansmann. 39 p. 008 Estimating telephone demand with state decennial census data from 1970 - 1990. Christopher Garbacz. 23 p. 010 The impact of incentives in the telecommunications act of 1996 on corportate strategies. Martha García Murillo. 31 p. 011 Institutional arrangements and price rebalancing , empirical evidence from the United States and Europe. 33 p. 012 Effective regulation case study Morocco. ITU 48 p. 013 On the design and implementation of the GSM auction in Nigeria the worlds first ascendin clock spectrum aunction. Chris Doyle. 39 p. 014 Competition in International markets. OFTEL. 88 págs. 015 Competition in the provision of fixed telephony services. OFTEL. 48 p. 021 Use of multipe SIM cards in mobile phones by consumers in Italy, Finland and Portugal. 13 p. 024 Quality of electricity supply, initial benchmarking on actual levels, standards and regulatory strategies. 70 p. 025 Competition in electricity supply analysis and experience from selected markets. Lawrence Kaufmann. 103 p. 027 Telecom traffic and investment in developing countries the effects of international settlement rate reductions. Scott Wallsten. 25 p. 028 Términos técnicos de Telecomunicaciones. 029 United States v. Microsoft A failure of antitrus in the new exonomy. Nicholas Economides. 42 p. 030 On the use of LRIC models in price regulation. J. Confraria. 33 p. 031 Economic analysis group discussion paper. Russell Pittman. 45 p. 032 On the use of vickrey auction for spectrum allocation in developing countries. G. Anandalingam. 24 p. 033 Water management at the river basic level, challenges in Latin America. Axel Dourojeanni.

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